Being global means supporting architects and fabricators on any project, of any size, anywhere in the world


We’re continually innovating new products and finishes to push the boundaries of what’s possible


We build sustainable products and relationships within the world of architecture that stand the test of time.


For certain applications and mission-critical scenarios, your choice of powder coating defines your success.

When performance matters

Wherever a product or structure is being challenged by its environment, and performance matters, we have the answer you are looking for.

Whether high above ground or deep beneath the sea, high in the wintry hills or stretched across the desert sands, pipelines, electrical components and reinforcing steel need the highest levels of performance in all environments. Which is why Resicoat has created powder coatings that can be relied upon to perform safely and efficiently throughout a product’s lifecycle and beyond.

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Reliability for a more certain world

Reliability builds confidence, helping not only to build the innovations of today, but also maximize the new markets, applications and opportunities of the future.

With Resicoat, it’s not just about the big things; it’s about the everyday. Which is why you can look to our proven track record over the last 50 years and the experience of our expert technical teams who monitor and anticipate changing needs and regulations to support and advise you, 24/7. For critical projects, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, when your reputation matters put your trust in the reliability and performance of functional powder coatings from AkzoNobel.

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Innovating for a better tomorrow

Needs and environments change, and we change with them, utilizing our global R&D teams to innovate better coatings for challenges of any size, anywhere and anytime.

We innovate and invest in new technology and solutions that don’t just meet the needs of today but are also focused on the expectations of tomorrow. But innovation is not simply defined as new product development. We are also innovative in our thinking. We innovate with and for you, the customer, with a simple promise that if the coating doesn’t already exist, we’ll innovate tailor-made solutions for even the most demanding applications, inside and out.

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Switch to an electric future

The future is electric, and we’re developing coatings that support the innovators of next generation technologies used to power the world’s most advanced electrical vehicles (EVs).

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Unlimited Applications

Interpon can be applied to every element of product and environment design

  • Interior products such as metal furniture, lighting fixtures, shop fittings
  • Products exposed to the elements including garden furniture and playground equipment
  • Product in high-corrosion environments such as ski lifts, gasoline storage, industrial environments
  • Products prone to graffiti and petty vandalism such as public transport, lockers, and retail security shutters.
  • High-temperature environments such as stoves, fireplaces, exhaust systems, barbecues, and mufflers
  • Delivering the ultimate insulation to busbars and other electrical infrastructure our next generation of e-mobility rely upon
  • Giving the lamination stacks used in small motors and metal bars used in electrical distribution systems the insulating properties required
  • Insulating small components such as capacitors and magnetic cores
  • Providing the highest levels of corrosion resistance for reinforced steel to ensure building safety

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