Resicoat R4 for valves, fittings and accessories

Our drinking water distribution system is the foundation of life. And only the best will do.

Resicoat R for valves and fittings

The Resicoat R-series of powder coatings is approved to meet global, national and local (drinking water) regulations and standards. Fulfilling the stringent requirements of GSK, the quality assurance association for heavy-duty corrosion protection, Resicoat R has an established track record not only in transporting drinking water and wastewater to and from local communities, but also other essential liquids and gases wherever they are needed most. Two versions are available: R4, which has been proven in the market for more than 40 years, and the more recent R8, designed to accommodate future regulation including reduced migration limits in potable water. R8 also features further enhanced sustainability credentials, and as such its label does not feature any pictograms or signal words.

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Valves and fittings

Protecting valves and fittings plays a crucial part in ensuring the supply of drinking water is not compromised.

Resicoat delivers a series of powder coatings to support the valves and fittings of the drinking water network. The specially-designed powder coating products provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance, and meet international drinking water approvals, so you can rest easy knowing that your water supply is in safe hands.

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Ensure the safety of your stored drinking water with Resicoat’s internationally accredited powder coatings.

When it comes to water storage tanks, hygiene and safety are of paramount importance. The Resicoat R4 series fulfils the stringent requirements, and provides excellent corrosion and mechanical resistance. And with a one-layer application process, you can ensure that your work is sustainable, efficient and effective.

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Drinking water pipes

The Resicoat range plays a key role in drinking water sanitation while upholding international regulations and environmental protection.

Resicoat powder coatings are specifically designed for the drinking water industry, ensuring the safe, reliable and efficient transportation of water through a global pipework system, wherever you are in the world.

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