Resicoat EL

From the 1960s right up to the present day, the Resicoat EL series has been evolving and innovating to offer the ultimate powder coating to help resolve the challenge of electrical insulation.

Battery Insulation

For a battery to perform safely at its optimum level, it needs protecting against excess heat and insulating against the risk of fire. Resicoat EL powder coatings support the safe operation of battery systems by delivering outstanding cell to cell electrical insulation for even the most intricate designs. They also provide high dielectric strength, extraordinary adhesion performance, and exceptional thermal management properties for the most challenging e-mobility programs.

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Hairpin stator

Resicoat powder solutions are specifically designed for the electrical insulation, corrosion protection and improved heat transfer of welded hairpin stators.

Generating the magnetic field that drives the rotor and creates the electromotive force to move the car, hairpin stators require optimum levels of electrical insulation. With good resistance against heat, chemicals, and moisture as well as the backing of Underwriters Laboratories 1446 Class F and Class H, you can rely on Resicoat to keep the wheels of your vehicle in motion.

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Rotors and stators

Backed by leading accreditations, the Resicoat EL series provides excellent electrical insulation to crucial components.

Forming both the rotating and stationary parts of an electric drive, the rotor and stator combine to power generators, cooling engines and wiper motors. Resicoat powder coatings provide high dielectric strength, long service life and high dimensional stability to ensure that these crucial components remain fully functional, no matter how challenging the environment.

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To carry high electrical currents safely, effective insulation is critical to a busbar’s performance.

Busbars carry high electrical currents and therefore need to be properly insulated to protect the people around them. Resicoat powder coatings have Underwriters Laboratories UL 94 Class V-0, UL 746B and UL 1446 approvals, and come with good resistance to heat, chemicals and moisture to combine excellent insulation and heat dissipation with improved durability and all-round performance.

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Electrical components

Protecting a wide range of electrical components from the damaging effects of heat, chemicals and moisture.

Resicoat also offers powder coatings for electronic components like capacitors, toroids, magnetic cores, resistors etc with good resistance to heat, chemicals and moisture. Our solutions can be used to address the needs of UL 94 (V-0) approvals, or applications where a high level of flexibility or laser marking is required.

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Switch to an electric future

The future is electric, and we’re developing coatings that support the innovators of next generation technologies used to power the world’s most advanced electrical vehicles (EVs).

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